The Rescheduled 14th Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show

Sep 26, 2010

On a cool and clear, Sunday morning with a crisp chill in the September air, we packed up the camera, dawned our long sleeves and drove to Riverside park for the highly anticipated, 14th Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show.

Although the official "orphan car" definition is elusive, the common meaning is, an automobile whose parent company no longer produces that particular make, however I do know that the Chevrolet Corvair is an exception around here because it was produced at our local Willow Run assembly plant.

After being canceled due to a heavy Spring rain storm which flooded out Riverside park earlier in the year we weren't sure what to expect from this postponed show however…
it turned out to be quite a large event with hundreds of cars registered and the most friendly group of owners and spectators you could hope to meet.

All of these cars are pretty special in their own right but to see a well restored Stanley Steamer, the very rare Lancia Scorpion or the elegant Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 Torpedo Boat Tail, is an extraordinary treat.

We love old cars and the history of old cars. The time, effort and workmanship put into an old Willys, Hudson or Studebaker is just amazing and obviously something that their makers took a lot of pride in.

Welcome to the GTcarlot photo gallery and the 2010 Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show.
September 26, 2010

Citrus Stand Media Group, 2010

The Rescheduled 14th Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show

Quandt Group Amphicar. Half car, half boat. Notice the Water Craft registration on the fender and the bow red/green navigation lights.
1922  Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 Torpedo Boat Tail
Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 Boat Tail
1922 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8, Interior
1976 Lancia Beta Scorpion
1976 Lancia Scorpion with Roll back Top
1976 Lancia Scorpion Interior
Lancia Scorpion 1.8 Liter DOHC 16-Valve 4 Cylinder @ 81hp
1922 Stanley “ Steamer ” Model 740 Roadster
1922 Stanley “ Steamer ” Model 740, Interior
1922 Stanley “ Steamer ” Model 740, Boiler Assembly
1930 Willys Knight 66B
1930 Willys Knight 66B, Hood Orniment
1937 Packard 115-C
1946 Packard Clipper Deluxe
1942 Crosley Liberty Sedan
1957 Crosley Farm O Road Utility
1957 Crosley Farm O Road, Interior
1976 Sebring-Vanguard Electric Wedge and a 1979 A-11 Checker Cab
1948 Frazer Manhattan
Kaiser Deluxe and a Kaiser Deluxe Traveler
1922 Willys Knight R & V
1915 Overland 86-7
1951 Henry J “ Thrillcade ”
Henry J “ Thrillcade ”
Falcon Hood Orniment
1929 Willys Knight
1929 Willys Knight, Hood Orniment
1954 Willys Ace Deluxe Sedan
1912 Overland 59 Series Touring
1915 Cole Apr-40 Touring
1916 Detroit Electric Brougham
1934 Vauxhall BX
1972 Citroen SM
1962 Amphicar
Quandt Group Amphicar, note the twin propellers for steering and thrust while traversing in the water.
1970 Opel GT
1970 Opel GT, 1.9 Liter SOHC 4 cylinder @ 91 hp
1954 White 3000 Dump Truck
1927 Gotfredson Bickle Fire Truck
1972 Steyr-Puch “ Pinzgauer ” 712
1931 De Vaux Coupe
De Vaux Coupe, Hood Orniment
1928 Graham-Paige Model 835
A line of 1931 Plymouths
1928 Marmon Race Car
1930 American Austin Roadster
1930 American Austin, Rooster Hood Orniment
1929 Franklin 135 Victoria Brougham
The Franklin Lion Hood Orniment
1937 Cord 812, this was the last of the Cords.
Inside a 1937 Cord 812
1937 Cord 812 and its 289 Cubic Inch Supercharged Lycoming V8
1937 Nash Layefette 4 Door
1958 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando
1956 Desoto Fireflite
1958 Edsel Citation
1960 AMC Metropolitan
AMC Javalin
1975 AMC Gremlin
1976 AMC Pacer
1952 Studebaker Convertible
1961 Studebaker Lark Cruiser Sedan
A line up of 3 Hudson Commodore 8's
1953 Hudson Hornet Sedan
A 1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk and a 1961 Studebaker Hawk
1954 Hudson Hornet
1956 Studebaker 2E-5 Transtar Truck
1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Super Hawk
1937 Studebaker Dictator
1934 Terraplane
1934 Hudson Terraplane
Inside The 1934 Hudson Terraplane
1935 Hudson
1931 Studebaker President State Sedan Model-80
1931 Studebaker President State Sedan, Hood Orniment
Late 1920s Essex Super Six Covertible
Essex Super Six Hood Orniment
The Chevrolet Corvair
1964 Corvair Monza
1961 Corvair Lakewood Wagon
A Tasmin 280i in the parking area
1980s TVR 280i
The 14th Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show

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