2020 Woodward Dream Cruise 'Lite Edition'

Aug 15, 2020

The Woodward Dream Cruise was alive and well this year.
Saturday August 15th, 2020 will live as a great american gathering in Detroit.

The news media and the organizers said there would be no Woodward Dream Cruise this year but the the car loving American public didn't get the memo.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in SE Michigan tens of thousands of people gathered to see the largest showing of cars and trucks in the world.

Attendance was lower than in previous years but there was a positive energy in the air that was unmistakable and brings us together as a people. American liberty and pride in our history and our automobiles. Enjoy the photos.

2020 Woodward Dream Cruise 'Lite Edition'

Plymouth Superbird
Early Fox body mustang. You don't see these TRX wheels very often.
Plymouth GTO
A serious off road Jeep Cherokee
Michigan State Police, keeping the peace.
Give a thumbs up to our Michigan State Motorcycle Troopers
There is always a red Ferrari 328 GTS
Some heavy Chevys
Chevy Nomad BelAir Station Wagon
There is something special under that Mustang hood
Woodward Ave, on the street.
The amazing chuch's and architecture in Detroit are a must see attraction.
Cyclone CJ 429 fixer-upper
Plymouth Duster 440
North Lot car dealer
There's a chop top
On the street, Woodward Ave.
Ford Falcon Sprint
A Classic Chevrolet Camaro
'Whoa Nelly' Notice the drag radial tires.
Gassin'up the Viper
Blown Chevy Corvette
The Superbirds
A lineup of Lambos
The Chrysler Shelby CSX
An interesting helmet decoration
The Dodge A100 Pickup/Truck and the Ford Econoline Pickup
Custom Camo VW Bug
The unmistakable Bently Bentayga
Adam West style Batmobile
Porsche GT3 RS
Chrysler Laser
There's a Rat Rod
Mach 1 Mustang
Jaguar XJ
T-RRific T-Bucket
Jaguar F-Type R
2020 Dream Cruise
Detroit Ducati

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