The Stahl Museum and Automotive Collection

May 10, 2019

For an Automobile fan, a trip to a museum or car collection can be the perfect getaway. The sites, sounds, colors and creative brilliance can be inspiring.

But, when the staff and curators of a place are so well educated and enthusiastic about the history and providence of its treasures and go out of their way to invite a dialog about its significance to our history, it becomes a contribution to our collective understanding and knowledge that can change your life.

The Stahl Museum is such a place. It is a sentimental journey through our inventive history, among the cars and trucks our parents and grandparents may have owned and loved. For me this excursion was a nostalgic and emotional experience.

A collection that provides a homecoming for the vehicles of yesteryear and the adventurous past of our forefathers.

This treasury of vintage cars and trucks are meticulously maintained and restored, with a responsibility to their stewardship that is obvious in their care and attention to safekeeping.

The Stahls undertaking and sharing of such a collection is generous, and shows a noble sensibility and passion for automobiles, music and our national history that is to be admired.

In addition to automobiles, the collection contains hundreds of pieces of memorabilia, gas pumps, signs and an incredible assortment of historic music machines you have to see and hear to believe.

This is not only a World class collection of our cultural heritage, this is a collection of innovation and the greatness of America as a Republic, dedicated to the the uniqueness, goodwill and freedom it represents.

There is no admission charge to the Stahl Museum. A donation box sits just inside the entrance.

Whether you are a lover of all things automotive or just someone interested in our amazing history as a nation, this world class collection is a must see for anyone in the SE Michigan area.
And in this writers humble opinion, could be a destination location for anyone in the world.

At the time of this writing;
Open Tuesday 1:00-4:00 and first Saturday of the month 11:00-4:00

The Stahl Museum and Automotive Collection
56516 North Bay Dr.
Chesterfield, MI 48051

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The Stahl Museum and Automotive Collection

Cord L-29 LaGrande Speedster Replica
1931 Cord L-29 Boattail Speedster Replica in Royal Cranberry/Cashmere Cream
Inline 8 Cylinder with the transmission at the front for 3 speed front wheel drive.
Secret stash in the door.
1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen Replica
Benz Motorwagen 955cc Single-Cylinder
1926 Weber Maesto Orchestrion
1939 Ford Midget Racer
A British Ford Model C engine that produced 10hp
1939 Ford Midget Racer. Note the 3 speed transmission right between your legs.
1899 De Dion Bouton Cyclecar
1910 Buick Model F
1904 Cyclon Cyklonette Trike
1914 Cadillac Military Sport Roadster
365 Cubic Inch 4 Cylinder/2 Speed Rear Axle
1914 Stutz Bearcat Model 4-E
390 Cubic Inch T-Head 4 Cylinder
1927 Essex Super Six Speedabout
1927 Essex Super Six Speedabout Interior
Collection of Vintage Outboard Motors
A Vintage Crane Arcade Game
The Caile Single Cylinder Liberty Direct Drive Outboard Motor
The popular Neptune Mighty Mite Outboard Motor.
A 1947 Mercury 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck. Built and sold only in Canada.
Sunoco Motor Oil Glass Bottles and Display
Poly gas pump. 33.9 cents a gallon.
1936 REO Speedwagon Pickup Truck next to it's twin A Mack Jr. Pickup Truck
REO Speedwagon Hood Ornament
Ed Roth's 'Mysterion'
Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ
Notice the Berma Shave road signs on the wall.
1965 Kirkham AC Cobra 427S/C in polished alloy w/brushed alloy stripes.
Some of the instruments controled by the Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ.
1926 Duesenberg Model A Roadster
1934 Duesenberg 420 Cubi Inch 265hp Twin Camshaft 32 Valve Inline Eight Cylinder
1934 Duesenberg Model J Sedan
1930 Stutz MA Weymann 'Versailles' Sedan wrapped in synthetic leather.
1930 Stutz Versailles Hood Ornament
1930 Packard Hood Ornament
1931 Packard 840 Custom Dual Cowl Phaeton
The L-29 301 Cubic Inch Lycoming Straight Eight
This Cord had a hidden compartment in each door. the other side held a humidor with cigars.
A collection of vintage coin operated vending machines.
1936 Auburn 852 Speedster
The Tucker 334 Cubic Inch Flat 6 Cylinder Produced 166hp
Tucker modified this helicopter engine to fit and run in his Tucker 48 Sedan
The Year 2000 Whoville Family Sedan from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
1948 Tucker 48 Sedan
1954 Kaiser Darrin. The Kaiser-Frazer Sports Car
1963 Volkswagen Type 2 with 1967 Eriba Puck Camping Trailer
1939 Graham Custom Model 97 Sedan 'The Sharknose Graham'
1904 Winton Flyer from the 1969 film 'The Reivers'
1912 International Harvester Delivery Car
1964 Hannibal 8 from 'The Great Race'
1964 Leslie Special from the comedy film 'The Great Race'
1940 Packard 120 Station Wagon. A real woody.
1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Sportsman
1934 Studebaker President Regal Roadster
1935 Chrysler Airflow C1
1934 Hupmobile 427-T Sedan
One of several Pipe Organs in the Stahl collection
1931 Cord Pegasus Hood Ornament
1941 Graham Hollywood Sedan
Wendell the Mechanimal Elephant
The shear size of these pipe organs are breathtaking.
1907 Thomas Flyer

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