Ford Torino Data, Info and Specs

Ford Torino 1971 Data, Info and Specs
1971 Ford Torino Sub Models
Brougham 2 Door
Brougham 4 Door
GT Convertible
1971 Ford Torino Engines
250 cid OHV 12-Valve 6 Cylinder
302 cid OHV 16-Valve 2 barrel V8
429 cid OHV 16-Valve 4 barrel CJ V8

1971 Ford Torino Transmissions
3 Speed Manual
3 Speed SelectShift Automatic
Ford Torino 1970 Data, Info and Specs
1970 Ford Torino Sub Models
2 Door Hardtop
4 Door Hardtop
Cobra SportsRoof
Cobra SportsRoof Twister Special
GT Convertible
GT SportsRoof
GT SportsRoof Cobra Clone
Twister Special
1970 Ford Torino Engines
250 cu. in. Inline 6 Cylinder
302 cu. in. 2V V8
351 cu. in. 2V V8
351 cu. in. 4V V8
429 cu. in. 4V V8
429 cu. in. Cobra Jet Ram-Air 4V V8

1970 Ford Torino Transmissions
3 Speed Automatic
3 Speed Manual
4 Speed Manual
Ford Torino 1968 Data, Info and Specs
1968 Ford Torino Sub Models
GT Fastback
1968 Ford Torino Engines
428ci OHV 16-Valve Cobra Jet V8

1968 Ford Torino Transmissions