1991 Ford F250 Data, Info and Specs

1991 Ford F250 Regular Cab 4x4 Data, Info and Specs
Available Engines and Transmissions:
5.8 Liter OHV 16-Valve Windsor V8
4 Speed Automatic
7.3 Liter OHV 16-Valve Diesel V8
5 Speed Manual
7.5 Liter OHV 16-Valve V8
5 Speed Manual
1991 Ford F250

1991 Ford F250 Specifications

1991 Ford F250 Sub Models
Regular Cab 4x4100.0%
1991 Ford F250 Engines
5.8 Liter OHV 16-Valve Windsor V825.0%
7.3 Liter OHV 16-Valve Diesel V850.0%
7.5 Liter OHV 16-Valve V825.0%
1991 Ford F250 Transmissions
4 Speed Automatic25.0%
5 Speed Manual75.0%
1991 Ford F250 Colors
Bright Regatta Blue Metallic25.0%
Reef Blue Metallic25.0%
Twilight Blue Pearl50.0%
1991 Ford F250 Interiors
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